However when we pursue Jesus, He becomes our clarity. When our gaze is locked tight on His, He’s the one who is faithful to break us out of the storm and captain our ship through to the other side.

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Mark Dunlop
The Love of Like

"...I know the ones close to me love me regardless of what I do, and perfect strangers generally don’t care what I do with my life or art. But it’s those who only have an idea of me that I’m still trying to convince to ‘like’ me, that for some reason I’m interested in attaining their approval – or at least attempting to."

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Mark Dunlop Comment
Run Your Race

But this time I pause. And say “not today”. Today I choose to stay in my lane. Today I choose to stay faithful; forgetting what is behind and pressing on to what is ahead. I am running towards my prize in the upward call of Christ – not for the prize that belongs to those to the right or left of me. 

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Neill Kumar
Good Morning

It’s 9:14am on a Saturday and I’m currently sitting in a café in West End waiting for Neill, my website creator and photographer to arrive. This will be my 3rd meeting with him in total - that is in a professional capacity. And every time I do something like this, this gets a bit more real. A touch more daunting. A little more courage is forced to pump through my veins. And I feel a little more alive...

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