Peace Has Come


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I’ve never really had the intention of releasing a Christmas song. I’m not overly Christmassy: not enough to be a Grinch, but definitely not enough to wake up early on Christmas morning to see whether Santa had my milk and cookies from that were left over from the night before.

Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate Christmas and it’s significance for the Christian world, as well as the world in general. It’s one of those rare occasions where a large portion of the globe stops to reflect, relax and celebrate family, friends and that which we hold dear. And as a Christian, I stop to pause upon the gracious gift that God himself gave humanity – that is, Himself.

Or do I? For the majority of the last decade, I’ve found myself embroiled in the preparation, rehearsal and execution of Christmas shows for my local church – and recently, I had the great privilege of directing this year’s show (thankfully my main production assistant, Layne, brought more than enough Christmas spirit for the both of us)!  In the lead up to these shows, I often found myself in the midst of meeting after meeting, rehearsal after rehearsal, late night after late night. This, in addition to the rest of what life brings around this time of year, can easily submerge me in the hustle and bustle of it all.

It’s not all inherently bad though: there are deadlines to meet because I really want to create a show where people who are far from God can stop for a second to have a fleeting moment that might just change their lives for eternity. There are meetings to make sure that the people I get to lead and take care of can be supported and propelled into their God-given giftings to be a blessing to the community at large. Late nights are the tool measuring my patience and passion to see how much I believe what I actually say.

But there comes a time where I can either suddenly run aground, stuck on an island of my own busy-ness; or preferably, I stop for a moment to breathe. In both these circumstances, I am able to refocus and actually manage to appreciate who I’m doing this for:

The King of Heaven,
The Lord of Hosts,
Everlasting Father,
The Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)

That last title is striking. Titles represent glory and authority. So imagine for one second what it means for the Prince of Peace to walk into your world.

Into all the things you’re doing.

Into all the things you’ve been apart of.

Into everything that has happened to you outside of your control.

Into the middle of your mess.

Into the fray of your everyday life.

Peace. With a capital ‘P’. It’s who He is and what He promises to bring (1 Peter 5:7, Philippians 4:7, Psalm 29:11) to those who invite him inside. It’s the Peace that surpasses all understanding, in the midst of brokenness and despair. It’s the Peace that brings healing to a wounded heart and a weary soul. It’s the peace that brings wonder into the desolate. It’s the Peace that decided to leave his throne in heaven, enter the human story as one of us in the form of a vulnerable infant: wrapped in swaddling clothes. The very same Peace that told the wind and waves to be still. The Peace that took the chastisement we should have borne. The very Peace that tore through Hell and rose victorious and offers Peace eternal to all those who would accept.

So this Christmas, what does it mean to let Peace take the reins for you and I? I pray this song would be an encouragement and reminder to you:

Peace Has Come. And He’s Here to Stay.

Written by Mark Dunlop & Lucas Ryan

Verse 1
Where noise and hearts collide
A love crosses the divide

In the midst of the malaise
Heaven wades into the fray

Verse 2
Battle weary, burdened hearts
Discover hope within His scars
Though fear thought it claimed the round
Christ has won the victor’s crown

Peace has come
Even when I’m caught in a world of war

Even then I’m found in love secure
You’re always near
You’re always near

Verse 3
Lift my eyes to gaze in yours
Fix my heart on what is sure
The anchor for a soul astray
I hold this truth again

Even if the world falls around me
Even if I feel far from you
Even then I know you’ll hold me close
My strength is found in you

© Mark Dunlop 2017

Peace Has Come will be released on Boxing Day 2017.
You can find it on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play or HERE.

Mark Dunlop